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Hands Off Property Investments

The UK property market is beginning to boom once more. Property investors are now returning in force to the market to expand their property portfolios.With almost perfect economic factors in place, for anyone who wants to get started, there’s no better time than now – prices are low, demand is high and interest rates are at a record low add this to the huge pent up rental demand in the private sector and a population that’s growing rapidly. This all goes to put a huge tick in the box why investing in property offers and excellent opportunity.

With more than £1t in property owned throughout the country, it’s no surprise that more people than ever are turning to this lucrative investment opportunity to bring themselves both security and income. Pensions have been flat-lining for several years and now many of our clients are choosing to invest more into bricks and mortar
Mayweather Estates understand fully what both experienced and novice investors are looking for in order to grow their portfolios.

Many of our clients are looking for a “hands-off” approach. This is where we specifically source property on behalf of our clients in areas of high demand, which offer attractive returns from day one. So why would you want to consider a hands-off investment for yourself.

There Is Less Hassle

Put simply, you’ll find yourself dealing with far less problems than if you are hands-on. A hands-on landlord will be running around from tenant to tenant, dealing with various issues and squabbles between residents. It’s a guaranteed way to turn your mobile into a roaming call center, and can leave you with far more problems than you initially thought it might have.
As a smart, hands-off landlord, though, you don’t need to deal with any of these typical problems. You can have all of the financial rewards of handling a property without having to be the manager, handyman and support group all at once. A professional letting agent running things for you instead can be far more effective for you, in terms of the day-to-day hassle you’ll be dealing with.

More Free Time

Owning a property in a hands-off manner will mean that you are able to let the letting agency deal with pretty much everything. From vetting potential tenants, collecting rents and all the ongoing maintenance aspects means that you can have far more free time to yourself and just let the properties manage themselves. Many of our clients are business owners and senior managers who do not have the time to be managing their portfolios in a hands-on manner. When a big issue comes up that needs your input you will be consulted by the letting agent, but you can cut away all of those hours spending driving from home to home dealing with the most insignificant of problems which is massive plus to our investors.

Get the Profits

The first thing that you need to think about is the profits, especially in a hands-off management mode. Are you making more money than you would be without the property? This can be both measured in rental income and capital growth. If so, it’s been a good investment. It also lets you start to concentrate on how you can improve revenue streams rather than spending all day putting out proverbial fires for your tenants.

Being a hands-off investor and having a professional letting the agency deal with all the day to day issues than having to micro-manage the property yourself.

Start Your Portfolio

One of the most important aspects of doing so hands-off is because it gives you time and freedom to build up your own portfolio. No longer will you be dealing with the properties all day, so you’ll have more time to start scouring for your next investment. Eventually, you can build a substantial portfolio that is all managed for you whilst still bringing in a nice, tidy profit. A letting agent can deal with everything for you, allowing you to focus on building your portfolio.

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