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Affiliates / Agents / Referrals

Mayweather Estates are pleased to announce our agent network. The network was formed based on the demand of property investment enthusiasts worldwide, looking to enter the UK property market. Whether it is the sourcing of property or the introduction of clients, we are here to bring the two parties together.

Which part of the network works for you?

If you are already currently active within the property industry, (Developer, Investment Company or estate agent) and looking to diversify your stock options we are able to provide you with a variety of property deals, which you as the agent can promote to your own client base. We understand agents work is an independent venture, however Mayweather Estates are here to guide and support you to help ensure a smooth sale transaction. This can be offered through detailed due diligence reports of the agreed properties, along with essential marketing material to promote the property. More importantly this is another avenue of income for your existing business, which we have discovered through our own experience, helping to expand, develop and create new opportunities.

The affiliate programme is a useful tool for individuals who have the capacity and resources to source property or introduce qualified investors. Once the introduction has been made, we then take on the work to provide the buyer with the appropriate property options, suited to their requirements. Upon completion of the purchase we will pay a direct fee to you as the introducer and then on after for any future transactions made by the individual, through Mayweather Estates. When sourcing property as an affiliate, we work together with you to understand your sales expectations and targets. To help achieve this we will discuss pricing, marketing strategies and carry out a due diligence process, which will help us market the properties to the appropriate clients.

Mayweather Estates are proud to launch our very own referral scheme. This has been introduced to our clients to reward them for their business and recommendations to family, friends and associates. The scheme is simple with the potential for great rewards. If you think we can help someone you know with our services, we in return will offer you a financial incentive. The referral must be a new investor or Landlord where we have had no previous relationship with them and must complete on a property purchase with Mayweather Estates, in order to qualify for the reward.