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Property disposal service

Mayweather Estates are pleased to introduce to developers and Landlords their very own property disposal service. This facility has been created on the demand from vendors looking for ways to reach out to qualified investors, seeking to take advantage of the current property market.

We are able to assist you with both individual properties, along with larger scale developments and can formulate a marketing strategy, which will generate interest from our investors. This strategy will be tailored towards your requirements. If you are looking for immediate sales to move on to your next project or simply looking to produce some cash flow, we are here to work towards your timescales and targets.

The benefits of this service:

  • Cost Effective: No upfront fees until a sale has been made.
  • Provides quick sales which helps with cash flow.
  • Allows you to move on to new developments.
  • Plan future developments around previous sales and understand what investors are looking for.
  • Creates immediate interest through an existing client base.
  • More investors will have access to your properties.
  • We cover each part of the purchase process, making more time for your own projects.