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What To Invest In

Discounted buy-to-let property

Buy-to-let is now an increasingly popular form of property investment. Its popularity stems from not only a healthy rental income, but also through generated capital growth. The number of people renting privately owned accommodation is now at a historically high level. Fewer people are able to raise sufficient funds for mortgage deposits, so the number of tenants continue to rise. There has never been a better time to invest in buy-to-let property and take advantage of some of the great property opportunities available in the market. Discounted buy-to-let property will provide great yields and positive equity gain from day one.

How will your buy-to-let property investment deliver profit?

  • Rental yields – the amount your tenant(s) pay in rent, after any maintenance and running costs have been deducted.
  • Capital appreciation – the profit you’ll earn when you sell your property at a later date with capital gains.

Mayweather Estates, safe and secure, buy-to-let investments are perfect for investors looking to successfully build their own property portfolios, or for those looking for a considerably higher return than they can currently get from banks, pensions, bonds and the stock market.

We have heavily discounted buy-to-let property available for sale in some of the areas with the highest rental demand, including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and London. High demand means that void periods will be kept to a minimum. In Manchester, rental demand has soared following substantial economic investment over the course of the last 15 years. Manchester in now a thriving city in which to live, and consequently rental demand is high. Mayweather Estates are able to offer our investors property which can achieve yields of up to 8%, which is considerably better than others found in other major cities around the UK.

Repossessed/ Distressed Property

There are many different reasons why a property might be classed as a repossessed or distressed property, but generally they are classed this way when owners are not in a position to maintain them or have defaulted on their mortgages and other financial arrangements. This leads the lender to take action and put the property up for sale.

From an investors point of view repossessed and distressed properties are an attractive proposition. The prices for these properties are generally significantly lower to promote a quick sale. Banks and developers need to sell quickly and often discretely, so are prepared to offer the properties cheaper.

Whether you are looking to purchase a property for buy-to-let investment, or to turn a profit on the property by selling on at a higher price; repossessed and distressed properties provide great investment opportunities.

Mayweather Estates are able to negotiate bulk deals and pass these savings on to our investors, so the properties you will be buying are discounted from their open market value. We have extensive links with receivers, financial institutions, solicitors, banks and auction houses to bring our clients the best deals and discounts available in the market today. If you are looking to invest over the long term, then discount in conjunction with strong yields will create the perfect platform from which to build a well-balanced portfolio that can be expanded and developed over time.

Student Accommodation

What do you look for in property investment?

  • Strong Rental Demand
  • Low Prices
  • Great Locations
  • Already Tenanted

Student property is considered by many industry professionals as one of the strongest-growing sectors in the UK housing market. Student property provides long term income with near guaranteed returns. In a market where many investors have seen rental voids and decreased capital values, it’s no wonder why so many of the UK’s investors are now focusing on student accommodation, and making it an integral part of their property investment portfolios.

A student property will generally be cheaper to buy, but will rent at a much higher value to students than an equivalent unit would to a private individual. Investors also won’t fall foul of rental voids. In fact many landlords in high demand student accommodation areas like Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield and Oxford are able to fill their properties in advance, so strong is the demand.

As an illustration, in Manchester over 100,000 students are attracted to the city because of its well-known and respected academic institutions. The city is home to the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Manchester Business School. All of these institutions regularly attract large numbers of home-grown students looking for quality accommodation. What makes Manchester unique is the large number of overseas students it also attracts year on year. Published figures in the academic year 2010/11, showed that the city attracted 10, 490 international students – over 26 per cent of the total student population. Naturally this increasing demand has translated directly into higher rents and higher yields.

This increased number of home-grown and international students has created increased demand for high-quality student accommodation in the city centre itself as well as in the popular outlying suburbs of Didsbury, Fallowfield Withington, Rusholme, Chorlton, Whalley Range, and Levenshulme. All of these areas are popular with investors and offer affordable property which delivers above-average yields.

If you’re looking for a hands-off investment with high returns and minimal rental voids, then look no further than student accommodation.